Success Through Cooperation.
Prosperitas Worldwide Alliances aims to create partnerships with companies within and outside our industry. We are continually looking for both established and start-up companies that have the strengths, capabilities, and goals that are complimentary to ours. Some of the advantages of being a Prosperitas Worldwide partner are:

  • Acquiring world class technology & business solutions with minimal investment.
  • Increased innovation through knowledge sharing.
  • The procurement of economies of scale and scope.
  • Significant growth in market presence.

Recent Partners

Diversified Modular Construction, Inc.

DMC Inc., a full service Modular Construction firm, teamed up with Prosperitas Worldwide in 2006 after a long search for both marketing and technology solutions. Prosperitas Worldwide has helped DMC Inc. revise their marketing strategy, build an online presence, and handles their day to day technological needs.

Managing Business Solution, Inc.

Managing Business Solution services are in high demand. As a certification services provider for school districts throughout California, the education system depends on them to make sure classrooms and facilities are safe for students. In this high growth period, MBS wanted to focus on what they do best: delivering results and developing client relationships. For all their technology needs, Prosperitas Worldwide was brought in to assimilate with the company and maintain the IT department.